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Here is a list of 3D Puzzles available for sale

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Image Product ID Title Number of Pieces Price
Truck Trailer 3d puzzle replica made of matchsticks by matchitecture 2000 matches with special cutteMATCH6622Big Rig200049.99
windmill replica 3d model match stick jigsawpuzzle made of matches cut to size with full kit & instrMATCH6621Windmill270069.99
citadel on the lake 3d jigsaw puzzle, vitaliana castle puzz3d by wrebbitP3D-804Citadel on the Lake1001395.00
MATCH6618Big Ben125069.99
big ben 3d jigsaw puzzle by wrebbit, rare puzz3d of england's big ben clockP3D-SP3Big Ben1483499.99
sydney opera house 3d jigsaw puzzle by wrebbit, sydney opra house puzle, 1017 pieces, very difficult04551Sydney Opera House1017299.99
taj mahal 3d puzzle, tajmahal wrebbit rare 3d jigsaw puzzle, very rareP3D-812Taj Mahal1077199.99
eiffeltower match stick 3d jigsawpuzzle matchitecture bjtoys microbeams glue tweezers includedMATCH6611Eiffel Tower115049.99
MATCH6617Arc de Triomphe175069.99
MATCH6614Statue of Liberty200069.99
tajmahal agra india 3d match sticks puzzle 7500 pieces very difficultMATCH6635Taj Mahal, India7500260.00
notre dame cathedral of Paris replica model made out of match sticks puzzle design very difficult fuMATCH6636Notre-Dame-de-Paris Cathedral7500270.00
1500 piece 3 dimensional jigsaw puzzle of the blue marble earth 15 inch in diameter includes base toA1022-15Blue Marble Earth Globe 15"150099.99
glow in the dark skyscraper 3d puzzles, chrysler building puzzle, sears tower, empire state building04644SSkyscraper Series1818199.99
new york city 3d jigsaw puzzle by wrebbit, rare puzz3d of new yorkP3D-SP2New York, New York3141899.99
AST-0001New York City Collection3575199.99
3d jigsaw puzzle made of matchsticks fire engine 3 dimensional fireengine model puzzle 1500 piecesMATCH6615Fire Engine150069.99
fokker triplane DR1 german fighter plane three dimension jigsaw puzzle replica matchstickpuzzleMATCH6610Fokker Dr1 Triplane105049.99
goldrush train resulted in construction of the Central Pacific Railroad in 1861, first TransAmericanMATCH6613Gold Rush Train1800190.00
mississippi steamboat 3 dimensional jigsaw puzzle made of matchsticks for serious builders great gifMATCH6630Mississippi Boat450069.99
3d jigsaw puzzle made of matchsticks antqiue car 3 dimensional antiquecar model puzzle 1150 piecesMATCH6616Antique Car115069.99
victorian avenue rare 3 dimensional jigsaw puzzel made by wrebbit hasbro puzz-3d foam backed puzzleP3D-802Victorian Avenue1008299.99
san francisco street scene 3d puzzle by wrebbit, 3dimensional puzzle with 1512 pieces, frisco tramwa04222San Francisco1512299.99
3dpuzzle venice, puzzles by wrebbit, 3d jigsaw puzzles 1580 pieces superchallenging 3d puzzles, puzz04221Venice1580499.99
MATCH6624One Thousand & One Nights155069.99
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